WAPPP Peer Recognition Scheme

September 19, 2020

The World Association of PPP Units and Professionals (WAPPP) is actively engaged in promoting international best practices in PPP project design, tendering, and implementation, as well as the highest standards of professionalism among PPP practitioners. To that end, and noting that there is a need to distinguish true expertise in the domain of PPP acquired in the field, working on all the different aspects of PPP projects over a number of years, from theoretical knowledge of the subject acquired through training courses, WAPPP has decided to establish a Peer Recognition scheme and adopted the WAPPP Peer Recognition Guidelines, which can be found on WAPPP’s website. Under these Guidelines, WAPPP members can propose PPP practitioners for such recognition. Candidates are then interviewed by members of the Peer Recognition Board. If they meet the criteria set in the Guidelines, they are recognized as “Peers” and are welcomed into the highest ranking of the PPP profession. (Reference  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c8oF6YayueyBKuwa_B6dscfHxLgkhfVH/view?usp=sharing )


Acting under the referenced Guidelines, Ziad Alexandre Hayek, President of WAPPP, recognized three members of WAPPP as peers. They are Naresh Bana, David Baxter, and Thibaut Mourgues.


Hayek congratulated the three recognized peers and reminded them that “they will be expected to mentor other PPP practitioners and embrace the highest ethical standards, which are at the core of WAPPP’s drive for excellence in the PPP profession.” The four peers now constitute the initial Peer Recognition Board, which will be entrusted with recognizing additional peers in the months to come.