How We Do It

Convening on PPP issues and contexts

WAPPP strives to maximize the collective impact and benefit of the wider PPP practitioners community.

Platform of exchange and communication

WAPPP offers physical and virtual means of communication that will foster a community spirit between all PPP officials and practitioners, in particular those oriented to People First PPPs.
Members may post to the forum, discuss the latest news, inform of their innovative solutions and challenges.

Capacity building

WAPPP offers various services to build capacities within PPP Units:

  • Online courses
  • On-demand organization or arrangement of study tours
  • Access to a network of professionals ready to provide support on technical issues that PPP units may face
  • Access to a library of case studies and research papers

Advisory to PPP Units, Governments, Banks and institutions

WAPPP may mobilize upon demand short term experts to advise primarily PPP units and Governments but also Banks and Institutions on a range of issues such as:

  • Evaluation of the legal and institutional framework
  • Evaluation of PPP program compliance with SDGs and recommendations
  • PPP fund development

Facilitation of access to Technical Assistance and Funding

WAPPP facilitates PPP units endeavors through referrals to relevant bilateral and multilateral institutions, catalytic intermediaries, international institutions, venture funds, and professional organisations. 

Intelligence & Research

WAPPP publishes research, books and papers related to PPPs and SDGs. Researchers gain access to a first-hand network of professionals and practitioners. Professionals may suggest ideas of research.

Incubating new ideas and practice for PPPs

We believe that it is essential to improve the way PPPs are conducted. Incubating new ideas and practices for public-private partnerships are important to ensure high quality project execution. Upskilling the global PPP talent pool is important to develop innovative approaches that improve lives.

Networking PPP resources

To augment our impact for people first public-private partnerships WAPPP networks its resources, the PPP professionals, the PPP institutions, Municipalities, Civil Society Organizations, Private companies dedicated to sustainable PPPs, and any organization that supports WAPPPs agenda.


WAPPP believes that in order to achieve our objectives and make PPPs more sustainable and successful a new type of PPP preparation and execution is necessary. We advocate for a new form of sustainable PPPs to make public-private collaboration more successful and improve lives. To achieve our goals and strengthen our impact, we enter smart partnerships and go by principles of combinatorial innovation to strengthen the universal UN 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals in the PPPs we promote.