Welcome to the World Association of PPP Units & PPP Professionals (WAPPP)! We are delighted to count you as part of our community on our pages and social media where you may share news, your opinion and your ideas. In order to communicate efficiently and  in the true spirit of great harmony, we request you to follow our netiquette. In our communication we foster the following values:

  • Be respectful and courteous in our suggestions at all time;
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The following list includes the different kinds of messages that we do not accept in our community. We allow ourselves to remove such comments without notifying the author and in some cases to ban the author from our pages and / or social networks.

  • Messages that are offensive, obscene, discriminatory, pornographic or racist;
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  • Information that constitutes a violation of the data protection rules.

We also remind you to keep your personal data such as your address or your telephone number from public release. This regulation is valid on all social networks where WAPPP is active. We reserve the right to modify this regulation at all times, without notice and to our full discretion.This regulation is completed by the Facebook standards: Click here As well as the Instagram standards : Click here We thank you for taking into account our netiquette and we wish you lots of fun on our pages and social networks! WAPPP Team