Membership Benefits

The WAPPP membership model is very different from that of other international professional associations. Perhaps its most differentiating factor is the mix of types of memberships. It is open to both public sector as well as private sector members and it is open to both individual as well as institutional members. We find this to be an enriching environment that brings together, under one roof as it were, all the different perspectives on our field of work. PPPs are complex undertakings that require multiple financial, legal, technical, environmental, social, political, policy, program, project, local and international perspectives. This is why WAPPP’s membership cannot and should not be like that of other professional associations.

The benefits of membership to WAPPP Members, are of two kinds. There are, to start with, the benefits which the Member receives passively. They include an automatic subscription to the WAPPP weekly The PPP Times™, invitations to WAPPP events and webinars, access to the “Members Only” area on our website, the potential to receive a Peer Recognition by fellow WAPPP Members as a “Peer Recognized PPP Professional”, access to our advertised job openings and consultancy and project REIs, RFQs and RDPs.

Then, more importantly, there are the benefits that the Member receives to the extent they are being proactive – and this is the crux of WAPPP membership. It is through networking, sharing experience, giving and receiving advice, finding partners to bid with on projects, finding investors, finding jobs and consultancy assignments, finding projects being tendered by PPP Units, getting to meet and know personally influential people in the PPP space in the sector, or country or continent a Member is interested in, that a Member can realize the full extent of a WAPPP membership.

It is a bit peculiar, but the truth is that “You will get from WAPPP as much as you put into it.”