We are the global home of PPP professionals.

As a member of WAPPP, you connect with experts and peers from the PPP industry: PPP consultants, corporate networks, governmental agencies and international institutions.

Choose your membership

At WAPPP we distinguish the following membership categories: PPP Unit, Individual and Institutional membership.

PPP Unit membership

Are you working in a PPP Unit or governmental agency and willing to connect with peers? We offer free complimentary membership to Government, Regional and Municipal PPP Units or public infrastructure agencies for up to 12 civil servants. The head of a country PPP Unit get’s to join the Council of PPP Unit Heads.

EUR 0 p.a.

Individual membership

Do you have a passion for PPPs and want to connect with your peers? Joining as an individual member will give you access to other PPP professionals from around the world, with a wealth of knowlegde and industry specific expertise.

EUR 100 p.a.
Webprofile option : 50CHF

Institutional membership

Are you an institution or a company willing to join WAPPP? Institutional membership encompasses access for up to 12 employees of the organization that joins WAPPP. We ask for a person of contact to ensure smooth interfacing.

EUR 2000 p.a.
Webprofile included

Upskill and reskill your career

Find cutting edge knowledge and sharpen your saw with like-minded PPP professionals. Obtain a peer recognition. Take better career choices and invest in yourself to stay relevant.

Engage to reach your goals

Heads-on discussions with experts and influencers in the industry from all over the world help you achieve greater PPP focus.

Lifelong learning

Incubate new ideas through informal exchanges with peers, obtain credentials through specialized PPP training, and benefit from discounts through WAPPP membership.

Partnership advantages

Through our partnerships, we secure advantages, discounts and special offers (e.g. publications, subscriptions, events …) for our members.


We provide opportunities to meet and engage with peers and colleagues. Our members connect to promote projects, identify business opportunities, develop partnerships, enhance career potential, submit articles, share experiences, and engage in multiple ways to achieve their professional goals and objectives. We give you access to a ‘digital home’ to connect with a global network of experts, who share similar challenges and opportunities. You can participate in an open-for-all weekly call every other Tuesday.

You may start engaging with WAPPP by downloading and installing our ‘free Slack application’ on your desktop and mobile phone.

We have “regional chapters” (Africa, CIS Countries, Europe, MENA, Latin America, North America, South Asia, and Asia Pacific) “sectorial chapters” (Airports, Rails, Ports, Healthcare…) and “Forums” (People-First PPP, Sustainability & Resilience, Women in PPP, and Young PPP Professionals…) Our Chapter coordinators organize weekly/monthly meetings with our members to discuss specific topics and to debate topics of interest to them.

You can actively participate (or even play a lead role) in one of our Chapters and Forums!

We foster online discussions of major and minor issues related to the design, implementation, and management of PPP projects. We conduct our events in English, Spanish, and French to incubate innovative approaches and learn from each other. We provide online forums and organize international meetings for our members and stakeholders to discuss specific topics. You can participate or moderate one of our virtual events.

You would be able to find value in the event even after it’s over!

We aim at keeping you updated on the latest events as well as what’s in store for you in the upcoming weeks. Our members are connected to a global PPP newsfeed through our bi-weekly newsletter “The PPP Times” and “WAPPP News”, our blogs, our quarterly magazine, and our social media. We collect and publish PPP reviews, standards, case studies, and other relevant information. You can also contribute blogs, articles, and research to our publications.

You’ll enjoy the read!

Through our partnerships with other organizations, we secure advantages and special offers, which we pass on to our members. You can obtain credentials through specialized PPP training and take advantage of special WAPPP member discounts, such as CP3P certification exam price, InfraPPP premium subscription, and many other benefits.

You can benefit from members-only discounts right away!

We created the “Young PPP Professionals Chapter” for the new generation of PPP professionals to allow the PPP industry’s rising stars to network with one another. WAPPP connects PPP experts with the ambitious so both can share resources and work together. Our promising young professionals may benefit from the expertise of our mentors.

We empower our Young Professionals within the PPP industry

We set up a private ‘Member Directory’ on our website membership wall to help you create a network of your peers, to build relationships, and to promote your own services. You can meet in person or exchange emails to share best practices or support one another through personal and professional challenges.

You can browse the online WAPPP members’ area to find a PPP professional!

WAPPP membership will allow you to get acquainted with a network of PPP professionals which will help you in your career growth, either by informal mentoring or by learning before it is official news what is going on in the industry and where hiring is taking place

WAPPP has launched a call for papers to be presented during the Annual Congress. The best paper selected by the WAPPP Editorial Board will win an award and a cash prize, in addition to exposure during the Congress in panel discussions.

Send an abstract!

WAPPP offers to those who are interested many speaking opportunities in front of a peers and professional audience (we regularly organize webinars as well as regional chapter events). As for writing, WAPPP publishes a blog and a Quarterly Magazine and intends to publish selected papers. You can also take responsibilities within the organization and lead committees, thematic and regional chapters.

Do not hesitate and volunteer!

The Annual Congress hosts international experts from within WAPPP, the United Nations Organizations, Governments, global and bilateral Development Financial Institutions (DFIs) as well as the investors, lenders, infrastructure companies, businesses, manufacturers and other “for impact” organizations. The event will comprise thematic webinars, panels, PPP units’ presentations and subject matter expert debates providing a unique opportunity to advance PPPs and particularly People First PPPs awareness, and solving the infrastructure gap crisis to address global challenges such as climate change, Just Transition, green energy, sustainable transport and urbanization, etc.

We look forward to seeing you among us!

WAPPP Fellows will get valuable exposure and experience while learning under the guidance and mentorship of experienced PPP professionals around the World. You will gain a better understanding of the PPP profession, contribute to WAPPP’s overall mission, access quality data and information for their research work and benefit from a flexible working hours from home If you are a bachelor or a master’s degree holder, have an excellent command of English, both written and verbal and possess strong quantitative and analytical skills, you are eligible to WAPPP fellowship program

Want to join us?

The World Association of PPP Units and Professional certifies its members with a “Certificate of Good Standing” as one who complies and demonstrates his dedication to the goals of the Association through his commitment or action with WAPPP duties as well as the terms and conditions set forth by the Executive Committee. This certification is issued after accomplishing 2 years as an active member

Our members are our trusty advocates!

This is an exclusive Council of PPP Unit Heads, where you will join other PPP unit heads from around the world in various events and discussions online and in person. As its name implies, its members are the heads of the various PPP Units, which have formally acceded to WAPPP Membership. It is chaired by the President of WAPPP.

The Council represents 55% of the General Assembly votes!

Get involved differently

At WAPPP we value many forms of engagement and we welcome any support be it a written contribution, a secondment to learn in a new space, a joint collaboration project or sponsorship initiatives. We would like to hear about it!