16/02/2024 | 2.30 – Online

0 CHF – Open to public


As we continue our year-long journey with WAPPP’s bi-weekly discussions, we are excited to present the third session, dedicated to exploring solutions for the challenges facing Small-Scale Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). Building on our previous sessions, where we defined Small-Scale PPPs and identified their unique challenges, this session is focused on formulating actionable strategies and innovative approaches.


Event program

This discussion will center around converting the identified hurdles into opportunities for success. We will tackle the complexities of financing and investment, bridge gaps in expertise and capacity, streamline risk management, and address legal and technical preparation nuances. Furthermore, we will delve into enhancing the positive impact of Small-Scale PPPs on community engagement and social dynamics.

The third session is pivotal, as it moves us from problem identification to solution creation. The insights and strategies developed here will be crucial in shaping future sessions and guiding Small-Scale PPPs towards more efficient and impactful implementation, ultimately contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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