WAPPP Webinar: The Role of Women in Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure

13/03/2024 | 2.30 – Online

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Infrastructure development plays a pivotal role in achieving sustainable and resilient societies. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), unanimously adopted by world leaders at the United Nations in September 2015, specifically advocate for the utilization of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) as a “means of implementation.” For instance, SDG17 encompasses a mandate to “encourage and promote effective public, public-private, and civil society partnerships, drawing from partnership experiences and resource allocation strategies” (SDG17). Simultaneously, the SDGs incorporate pivotal commitments in domains critical for safeguarding women’s rights and achieving gender equality. These include establishing objectives related to health (SDG3) and education (SDG4), along with a dedicated goal addressing gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls (SDG5).

However, achieving these goals requires active participation from all segments of society, including women. Women are often underrepresented in infrastructure development, despite their immense potential to contribute. They bring diverse perspectives, innovative solutions, and a commitment to social inclusion, all of which are crucial for building infrastructure that is not only resilient but also equitable and sustainable.

We believe that the expertise and experience of our speakers in Sustainability and Impact would be invaluable to this discussion. their insights and perspectives could spark meaningful dialogue and inspire concrete action toward closing the gender gap in infrastructure development.

Event program

The panel will:

  • Raise awareness: Highlight the critical role women play in building sustainable and resilient infrastructure.
  • Share best practices: Showcase successful examples of women’s leadership and innovation in infrastructure projects.
  • Inspire action: Encourage greater participation of women in the infrastructure sector.


Host: David Dodd – Chair of the Sustainability and Resilience Chapter of WAPPP and President/CEO, International Sustainable Resilience Center, based in New Orleans, USA.

Moderator: Fatima Zohra Rahmoun, Executive Board member and Chair of the Women in PPP Chapter of WAPPP- based in Morocco. 


  1. Tanya Ellen – Chief Technology Officer, International Resilience Centre, based in Brisbane, Australia
  2. Heather Mcgee – Co-founder and COO, 17 Asset Management, based in NYC
  3. Natascha Schmitt – Co-Chair of the Latin America Chapter of WAPPP


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