WAPPP x Global Cities Hub: “Using Local Public-Private Partnerships to Create More Reliable and Resilient Infrastructure”

25/01/2024 | 2.30 – Geneva

0 CHF – Open to public


This year, WAPPP’s focus will be on Small-scale PPPs.

And while private-public partnerships (PPPs) can certainly be implemented on a national scale, their impact is particularly significant at the local level. A prime example is the crucial role PPPs play in financing circular economy initiatives and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources. Organizations such as the United Nations and, notably, the World Association of PPP Units & Professionals (WAPPP), actively contribute to the development and dissemination of evidence-based international policy practices.

We invite you to join WAPPP and Global Cities Hub for an in-depth exploration of strategies geared towards optimizing locally aligned PPP projects for critical infrastructure financing. Given the projected $15 trillion financing gap by 2040 and the increasing urban population, it becomes imperative to ensure a successful transition to climate resilience. This includes addressing financing challenges such as rising debt levels, currency fluctuations, and political considerations. Your participation in this discussion is crucial for fostering a sustainable and resilient future.

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Moderated by Jean-Christophe Barth-Coullaré, Executive Director, WAPPP, Geneva


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This is an open-to-all, in-person, and online event.

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